OpenHAB instances with MQTT and Zigbee

In this post we will see how we can control items i.e. lights from one openHAB instance to another using a Zigbee button and MQTT.

openHAB recently passed into version 3 which comes with a complete revamp of the GUI and a massive rewriting of the backend code. There are mainly two protocols that we will be using in this guide.

Zigbee is a well established smart home protocol that gains more and more traction especially due to lower prices compared to competitive protocols i.e. ZWave and MQTT is also a well established lightweight IoT protocol that facilitates message and data exchange between IoT devices and systems.

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Install docker-compose on Raspberry Pi


I have recently been experimenting with docker on a raspberry pi at home. In case you don’t know docker is a pretty popular developer tool. You can find pretty much all the info you want on the internet so I am not going to explain much here. All I am going to say is that docker makes it easier for a developer to test and deploy applications with all the dependencies pre-built into a package called container.

Docker-compose takes docker containers a step further. Whereas docker cli helps you deploy a docker container, docker-compose helps you with a push of a button (or enter) to deploy multiple containers with pre-set configuration. More in the official pages or where else … the internet.

The installation of docker-compose on a Raspberry Pi is kind of problematic at least at the time of writing it hence the reason for this post.

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Launch multiple docker containers at once

We all know how to launch docker containers manually via the command prompt right ? If not, maybe I should write a guide on that topic as well although I am pretty sure the internet is full of such articles.

In this post we will find out how to launch multiple docker containers at once with docker compose. If you don’t have it installed, go ahead and install it following the official documentation here. If you are using a Raspberry Pi like me and you have difficulties installing it, follow my instructions here.

Let’s go!

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Hello world!

This is my first post ever. Chances are that this will only be read by myself and it is very likely going to be lost in the vast ocean of the internet. Creating useful content is an arduous task. This is my attempt at it

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